Watchword for the Week

So then, you are no longer strangers and aliens,

but you are citizens with the saints and

members of the household of God.

(Ephesians 2:19)

(Moravian Daily Texts 2015)



God’s Word comes freely,

offering life in all its fullness;

May we be open to receive

what He longs to give us.

God calls us by name,

inviting us to walk ‘the narrow way’;

May we be willing to follow

wherever His spirit leads.

God assures us He is with us

every step of the journey;

May we trust His promise

and know His presence among us.

Hymn 530 * One more step along the world

People’s Choice Hymns are marked with an asterisk (*)


In the quiet of the morning

and the peace of this holy place,

we call to mind, O God, that you are humbly,

invisibly present in the life of the world,

and with us in and through and under

all experience of living.

You are the beyond in the midst,

the other who meets us on the way,

the kindly light that draws us to each other.

You are the love that underpins all human loving,

the love that bears all things,

endures all things and hopes all things,

the love that never gives up on us

and refuses to let us go.

This we know through him

who is your way of being in the world,

Jesus from Nazareth, the man for others.

He seeks to lead us to that abundant life

which is your purpose for all of our living,

so may we fix our eyes on him,

take his yoke upon us and learn from him.

We gather here again to immerse ourselves in

his story, so that the story of who we are

cannot be told apart from his influence upon

our lives, and the story of who we may yet

become is open to his creative, life giving spirit,

today and all the days of our lives,

for your love’s sake. Amen.


With peace, Christ has broken down the walls

that divide; we are reconciled to God and

integrated into God’s household as forgiven

people. This will be our strength as we join

together to build a loving community of faith.

Thanks be to God. Amen.


Hymn * Bind us together, Lord (SGP 13)

Bind us together, Lord, bind us together

with cords that cannot be broken.

Bind us together, Lord, bind us together,

O bind us together with love.

There is only one God. There is only one King.

There is only one body; that is why we sing:


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