Sermons by Revd James Brown

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ECC Digital Worship for July 04, 2021


Prelude: Shukran Yawe (thanksgiving song, JCC Gospel Choir, South Sudan) Hymn 522: The Church is wherever… Hymn 97: O God, you search me and you know me Reflection: “(Not) looking at David thru rose-coloured glasses” Revd James Brown Hymn 356: Meekness and majesty Hymn 250: Sent by the Lord am I Postlude: Have a little […]

ECC Digital Worship for June 20, 2021


Prelude: Limbe Mvano Women’s Guild Choir, Malawi (Song about faith in Jesus) Hymn 515: Soldiers of Christ, arise Hymn 535: Who would true valour see Reflection: “Facing Up To Our Giants” Revd James Brown Hymn 737: Will your anchor hold? Hymn 237: Look forward in faith Postlude: Alleluia (Lady of Angels Catholic Church Choir, Livingstone, […]

ECC Digital Worship for June 6, 2021


Prelude:St Francis Choir (Eswatini/Swaziland) Hymn362:Heaven shall not wait Hymn 462:The King of Love my Shepherd is Reflection:“What are we letting ourselves in for?” Revd James Brown Hymn 356:Meekness and majesty Hymn 749:Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King Postlude / Hymn 674:Hallelujah! We sing your praises (South Africa)