Sermons by Rev James Brown

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ECC Digital Worship for April 4, 2021 – Easter Sunday


  Prelude: “The trumpet shall sound” (Handel, Messiah) Hymn 411: Christ the Lord is risen today Children’s Time: How to make an Easter garden Hymn 413: The day of resurrection Reflection: Revd Dr. Elungkiebe Zeliang (Zeme Baptist Church, Nagaland) Video will be available later Hymn 415: This joyful Eastertide Hymn 419: Thine be the glory, […]

ECC Digital Worship for February 07, 2021


Prelude: “The heavens are telling the glory of God” (Haydn: The Creation) Hymn 157: Sing of the Lord’s goodness Hymn 577: Christ be beside me (Children’s Hymn) Reflection: “Don’t you know? Haven’t you heard?” (Thoughts on Isaiah 40:21-31) Revd James Brown Hymn: Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength Hymn 352 (2): […]

ECC Digital Worship for January 24, 2021- Christian Unity Sunday


Prelude: “Laudes de la Résurrection” (Fraternités monastiques de Jérusalem) Hymn 65: Jubilate, everybody Children’s Hymn: I will make you fishers of men Hymn 532: Lord, you have come to the seashore Dialogue #1: “Seeking Other Shores” (Thoughts on Mark 1:14-20) Dialogue #2: “Winemaking for Beginners” (Thoughts on John 15:1-17) Hymn 604: Holy wisdom, lamp of […]

ECC Digital Worship for January 17, 2021


Prelude: “Hymne à la nuit” (Jean-Philippe Rameau) from the film “Les Choristes” (2004) Hymn 251: I, the Lord of sea and sky Children’s Hymn: Follow, follow, I will follow Jesus Reflection: “Making a Difference.” (Revd James Brown) Hymn 533: Will you come and follow me? Hymn 680: You are called to tell the story (Tune: […]

ECC Digital Worship for January 10, 2021


Prelude: “In the Dark Night” (Ukrainian Orthodox Christmas Chant) Hymn 112: Thou, whose almighty word Hymn 619: Spirit of the living God Children’s Time: How to make an origami Dove of Peace Hymn 608: Spirit of truth and grace (Tune: Down Ampney) Reflection: “Turning Points. Defining Moments.” (Revd James Brown) Hymn 334: On Jordan’s bank […]

ECC Digital Worship for December 27, 2020


Opening music: Valentin Rathgeber, Pastorelle vor die Weynacht-Zeit, Op. 22, No. 7 Hymn 159: Lord, for the years your love has kept and guided Hymn 315: Once in royal David’s city Reflection: “We can’t? We can!” (Revd Dr Robert Haworth)   Hymn 310: See him lying on a bed of straw (Calypso Carol) Hymn 326: As with […]

ECC Digital Worship for December 06, 2020


Opening music: J. S. Bach, Chorale Prelude “Wachet auf!” (BWV 645) Hymn 278: Wake, awake! For night is flying Hymn 359: He came down that we may have PEACE Reflection: “No hugger-mugger Peace – it must be a real Peace.” Hymn 274: Comfort, comfort now my people Hymn 566: When I receive the peace of Christ […]

ECC Digital Worship for November 15, 2020


Opening video: Poverty Hymn 362: Heaven shall not wait Reflection Music: “Rich Man” (Semi-Toned) Hymn 502: Take my life, Lord, let it be Closing music: Come, bring your burdens